Glassey Nicolas

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About me

I technology !

My professional life started as a precision mechanic. I did my apprenticeship in the military airport in Sion.

After a few experiences as a maintenance technician and manual worker, I began my quest for a new experience. Therefore, I started following a Bachelor course of industrial systems, in the HSE of Sion.

Even though I couldn't achieve that formation, I still gathered very valuable skills in C/C++ and Java programming, as well as a good grasp of the VHDL language.

It doesn't stop there ! The HSE taught me how to create electronic circuits from the ground up, all the way to PCB etching and parts soldering. One of my recent personal projects was the creation of a home-made Bluetooth receiver adapter for my car's CD-changer port.

On the side, I enjoy programming light shows, filming and producing DVDs for dance schools' shows, etc.

I have many more talents, I encourage you to contact me to know more !